Your landscape makes or breaks your property’s curb appeal, so a project tackling it requires much planning and the skilled execution of landscaping experts like Kingston Interlocking Paving Stone.

Our general landscaping services will improve your land, big or small, bare or otherwise. Count on us to transform your front or backyard from a simple space to an elegant outdoor area you’d love to spend the entire day in.

Our collaborative process also sets us apart from other landscaping companies; we put a premium on what you want. Trust us to design a landscape to your liking and bring it to life.


We stay true to our promise to create beautiful landscapes for Kingston homeowners. Take a look at our gallery to see what’s in store for you.


There are many reasons to invest in landscaping services for your Kingston property. For one, with the right landscaping, you can showcase your tastes and preferences while demonstrating your ability to maintain a home.

On top of that, good landscaping:

  • Makes your home look more attractive and inviting
  • Allows for the practical use of land (for instance, you can designate an area for entertaining guests, for planting flowers, for growing vegetables, and more)
  • Allows for a healthier home (healthy vegetation provides cleaner air and, if well-maintained, keeps pests at bay)
  • Keeps soil healthy and prevents erosion
  • Makes space for recreational activities, like playing with your pets or outdoor yoga
  • Helps decrease stress levels (several studies prove that green spaces relax the mind)
  • Increases the home’s value and makes it more attractive to buyers (should you decide to sell it)


With all these benefits, it’s apparent that landscaping is a worthy investment. Landscaping that delivers all these, however, requires the work of skilled professionals like Kingston Interlocking Paving Stone. We’ll help you design and create the perfect landscape for your property.

Do you have a landscape design in mind? Work with Kingston Interlocking Paving Stone, and we’ll bring your vision to life. Our experts will help you come up with a perfect terrain and execute it to perfection.

We’ll also take care of other features you’d like to add to your garden. Whether you want interlocking stone pathways, retaining walls, or stone steps, count on us to give you a one-of-a-kind landscape you’ll be proud of.

Create the perfect landscape with Kingston Interlocking Paving Stone. Reach us at 613-547-6411 or fill out our online form for a free quote.